International Flags

A Guide to the Best International Flags for Sale

Flags are the perfect way to show national pride. Learn about our top international flags for sale with tips on how to display them here.
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Every country in the world has a flag, and each has a different meaning. The design and color of each flag show the history and symbolize the beliefs and identities of the country that flies it.

Are you interested in purchasing an international flag? Read on to learn everything you need to know about the best international flags for sale today.

The United States of America

If you're an American, there's no beating the national flags of the good ol' U.S.A

Also called "Old Glory," or the Star-Spangled Banner, this flag has gone through many evolutions during its history. There are thirteen red and white stripes on the flag representing the original states that renounced the British government and became a new country.

The red on the flag signifies valor and hardiness, while the white represents the purity of a new country. There is also a square on the flag filled with white stars. There are fifty stars on the flag, each of which represents a current U.S. state.

The most recent version of the flag has been in circulation since 1960 when the country admitted Hawaii to the Union. If Puerto Rico, Washington D.C., or any territory became official states, the American flag would have to include them as one of the stars.

Clearly, the American flag also represents the country's history and how it has evolved since its birth. So, if you're purchasing an American flag, you'll want to make sure it's high quality.

Look for U.S.A.-made products constructed with high-quality nylon. That way, you'll have an American flag that will last for years to come.


Nepal is the only flag in the world that isn't rectangular. So that sets it apart from other flags already.

The flag of Nepal is made up of two triangles stacked on top of each other. There is a red background with blue outlines and contains white star shapes on each triangle.

The red on this flag represents the national flower of Nepal, the rhododendron. The white is, in this case, meant to be a symbol of light, while the blue on the flag symbolizes peace.

The triangle shape of the flag represents the Himalayan mountains, the pride and joy of Nepal. The dual triangles also invoke the two dual religions of Nepal — Hinduism and Buddhism.

The United Kingdom

You've probably heard about the Union Jack, even if you didn't realize it was the flag that represents the United Kingdom. The current iteration of the flag was first adopted in 1801, one of the longest-remaining flags that have yet to undergo changes or updates.

The flag incorporates aspects of the English flag, the Irish flag, and the Scottish flag. The flag is three crosses stacked on top of each other and retains the colors of the original cross designs. The crosses are the White Cross, the St. Andrew's Cross, and the St. George's Cross.


The current flag of France was most recently adopted in 1974. It was designed by Jacques-Louis David Lafayette. This version of the flag was actually first designed in 1790, but it has switched several times since its original conception.

It features three stripes. One stripe is blue, one stripe is red, and one stripe is white. The red and blue on the flag represent the colors of Paris.

French President Emmanuel Macron actually changed the shade of blue on the flag in 2021. This new shade of blue was, in this case, chosen to represent the French Revolution.

International Flags: Now You Know

There are so many exciting flags worldwide that we haven't even scratched the surface with this list.

No matter your reason for wanting to purchase an international flag, one thing is sure: flags are embedded with historical and cultural value, and that's what makes people want one of their very own.

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