Alabama State Flag


The Alabama state flag consists simply of a crimson Saint Andrew’s cross on a background of white. The bars of the cross are not supposed to be less than 6 inches wide and extend diagonally across the flag from one side to the other. This means that any Alabama flag made smaller isn’t legitimate! There also has been some recent confusion as to whether the flag should be square or rectangular as the act passed didn’t specify. The Alabama department of Archives and History suggested the flag was meant to be a square due to the need to preserve the features of the confederate flag. However, the state attorney said officially that the modern state flag should be rectangular.

The Alabama flag salute is “Flag of Alabama I salute thee. To thee I pledge my allegiance, my service, and my life.”


The red color on the cross is a sign of the hardiness and bravery of the people of Alabama. White is a symbol of peace and honesty. The Saint Andrew’s cross is a sign of martyrdom.


The original flag of the State of Alabama was very different to the current flag. It was designed by a group of Alabama women in 1861. It featured the words, “Independent Now and Forever” over the Goddess of Liberty on one side. The other side had a cotton plant and a rattlesnake with the Latin words “Noli Me Tangere,” meaning “Touch Me Not.” Unfortunately, this flag was never flown again because of damage from bad weather after just one month! Instead, the Confederate National flag flew in Alabama between 1861 and 1865. Then in 1885, the United States flag took over until the current flag’s adoption on February 16, 1895.

The design and inspiration of the Arkansas flag we know today remains unclear. One explanation is that it was inspired by Saint Andrew’s cross from the flag of Scotland which has a blue background with a white cross. A definite possibility since at that time up to 33% of the southeastern population was of Scottish descent. Another possibility is that it was influenced by the Spanish cross of Burgundy which was Saint Andrew’s cross on a white background and used in Spanish Florida. However, Alabama’s adoption of its state flag comes before Florida’s.