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Hello, my name is Frank Romanowski. I got laid off a couple of years ago and, after multiple false job postings and no callbacks, I found myself homeless. I also got injured doing a side job for a little income and then my unemployment checks stopped coming in. Finally, my car was repossessed. I needed to get creative to survive. I was determined NOT to remain homeless!

I had to really dig down deep and finally came up with a creative little idea to earn some money. I thought there may be an opportunity for me to apply my experience and expertise in Sales and Marketing to make something happen. First, I started to sell ink pens on the street and made a little bit of money. Then I had the idea to sell flags of many nations. I obtained a street vendor license/permit to keep everything legal and I went into business. I started out with only 3 three flags – the State of Florida, the USA and the Cuban flags. I realized how many different cultures we have here in Miami and decided to expand my inventory to cover as many different flags as possible. I also spent any extra money I could find to buy my flag inventory. You can see on my website how many flags I do have and the number is increasing daily. If you don’t see the one you want, just call or email me and I will do my best to get it for you.

I would also like to thank all the people of Miami for their support. God bless each and everyone, with a special THANKS to ALL MIAMI-DADE POLICE and ALL FLORIDA STATE TROOPERS for your understanding and support. Keep checking my website for more products and more updates along my journey.

Thank you for visiting Frankie's Flags.

Frank Romanowski

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