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America's tallest flagpole sits above Sheboygan, WI, at an impressive 400 feet in height. It was placed after their last one fell down. But if you are considering a flagpole, do you know the smaller scale options available to your residential or commercial property?

There are more factors to consider than you may at first think. Read on as we discuss all your options for flagpoles. 

Get the Correct Height for the Flag

How to choose a flagpole starts by knowing the dimensions of the flag you will put on it. If the flag is large and placed on a small flagpole, then it will look cumbersome and out of place. Conversely, a small flag on a large pole won't have the grandeur and impact. 

As a general guideline, the length of the flag should be 1/4 and 1/2 the size of the flagpole height. You may also want to consider how a pole may look if you decide to fly multiple flags on it or even fly it at half-mast.

Once you have the correct size, then think about where you will put it. There is no point raising a flag if no one can see it. Make sure you consider trees, buildings, and how far it is from the property to maximize viewing potential. 

Do I Need Planning Permission for Flagpoles?

You may need permission to erect a flagpole. This all depends on the state or area you live in and if you come under an HOA. 

Restrictions are based on the height of surrounding buildings and trees. Some issues restricting the placement and height may also relate to telephone or power lines above. Do your research before purchasing the pole, as you don't want to be hit with a fine later down the line. 

What Material Should I Choose?

Flagpoles are made from two material types. The choice is between an aluminum flagpole and a fiberglass one.

While the latter can handle offer a nice esthetic, the cost can be prohibitive. It is for this reason that Frankie's Flags only carries the best aluminum flagpoles on the market. 

What Is a Halyard and Which Type Do I Need?

The halyard is the rope system that raises and lowers a flag. This rope will tie off at a cleat. It will run over a pulley system at the top of the pole known as a truck. 

Flagpoles for sale at our company come with internal and external halyard mechanisms. For general home and property owners, an external system will suffice. Check you don't live in a high wind area where the mechanisms could bang around and become irritating. 

The benefit of an internal system is that the flag can often be secured by an internal door, meaning it stays crisp and suffers less impact from weathering. These systems are often operated using a winding mechanism or an internal cleat system.

Wind Load

When deciding on the types of flagpoles, you need to check they are tested for wind load. If adverse weather hits your pole, then it could cause breakages and accidents. Each flagpole should come with a guarantee related to the maximum wind speed it can handle. 

All of our flagpoles in the catalog are listed with a constant wind speed, both flagged and unflagged. Each one has a gust factor of 1.3, taking into account the duration at which wind may blow. 

Calculating the maximum wind speed for your area needs to take into account several factors. The higher the flag is, the higher the wind speed exposure it will face.

You must also consider the geographical location. Is it in the middle of a city, the outskirts of a town, or the coast? 

Flag poles can come with hurricane ratings and protection. Reinforcement comes from a much thicker cast aluminum. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes and tornados, this is a must-have option.  


While durability is extremely important, the best flagpole will have an excellent finish to go with it. A great finish won't just make it look fantastic but will also ensure it lasts for years to come. Most are a choice between a brushed satin to resist scratches or the far superior anodized aluminum. 

All our flagpoles can come with this coating. The shafts are highly polished with fine grade, aluminum oxide cloth. This gives it a deep, lustrous satin look, providing maximum protection while remaining maintenance-free. 

After the coating, you can decide upon its coloration. There are a number of colors to choose from including satin, clear anodized, bronze, and black. 

Specialist Engineering

In some cases, specialist engineering may be required. This can occur when you want a wall- or roof-mounted flagpole. Talk to one of our experts who will help you decide on the safest method to do this. 

All our flagpoles made to be set in the ground have conical tapering. Tapering occurs around 1" for every five feet. This makes them extremely secure when they are planted and secured in a yard or public area. 

Indoor Flagpoles

Indoor Flagpoles are great for schools, federal buildings, government offices, churches, and libraries. They come in 7Ft, 8Ft, and 9Ft flagpoles. You can choose from oak and walnut finishes. 

Each will come with a base, decorative ornaments, and each flag is displayed with fringes. 1 piece flagpoles and 2 piece flagpoles are available for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Where To Buy Flagpoles

Now you know why you should use a flagpole, consider why you need one. Is it for a commercial building to mark it out or a residential property to show patriotism? All of these can influence why you may choose one. 

Your first stop when looking for flagpoles for sale should be Frankie's Flags. As well as flagpoles and bases, we can even design flags and banners for your business. Contact us here to discuss all your flag needs and see what we can do for you.