Please allow me to tell you a little story about what recently happened to me...

I was working on a Miami street corner one day, as I do every day, trying to sell my flags (see photos on this page), and someone stopped on the street by me, jumped out of his car and stole all of my inventory valued at $1,200- $1,500!  Then he just drove away. No one spoke up to offer me help and no one intervened. I called the police and made a police report, but they are not optimistic.

Now I have very little inventory left to fill orders from my website or to make money from selling flags on the street. I am virtually out of business! I do not have the funds to replace the flag inventory and will have to close my business without your help.

I have been struggling for years to find a way to survive on the streets and this business venture began to show me a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. I want to change my life through my legitimate efforts to work and I really want to make my business succeed. I truly think it will be my best path to getting a home again. However, I am going to need inventory to make it work. I'm sorry and ashamed to ask for any type of donations. I would much rather work, but I have come too far to quit now. All I need is a little push – a little help.

As I said before to all the people of Miami, “Thank you for helping me survive and for your continued support during my difficult journey.” I have been trying as hard as I can to overcome all of the obstacles and face the adversity that was put in my path, and with your help, I know I will succeed. Your donation will be greatly appreciated.


frankies flags 095.jpg


(Note: All donations secured via PayPal, you may donate without requiring an account with them)

God bless you all,

Frank Romanowski

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