Frankie's Finances

Hello Friends,

Today at training I was learning about ANNUTIES and one thing thing that REALLY JUMP OUT at me is....there is a Florida Law that allows you a way to PROTECT YOUR MONEY/ CASH Meaning that if you have money in an Annuity Noboby can touch it / it's PROTECTED!!!!! 

(For The Most Part) 

I thought that was AWESOME!!!!! 

I'm Learning A Lot and it Feels GREAT!! 



* * *

Hello Everyone,

At A Event / Semiar to get

More KNOWLEDGE about my New Career and it was All Day Long..

But LEARNED things to advance in my New Chapter Of My Journey.


* * *

Hello Friends,

I'm really learning a LOT in my New Career...

I'm learning how them Credit Cards are designed to keep everyone in DEBT.....

But what I like is showing people how to Get Out Of Credit Card Debt and FASTER!!! Knowledge Is POWER!! So people can live Better Lives!! 👍


* * *

Hello Friends,

Teaching a client about her.....

401K and she's very excited on what she learned!!

I love what the next part of my journey is bringing me and it feels Really Good to teach others and encourage them not to make the same mistakes I did!! 👍